“Arts Kidz is a wonderful place for children - you feel the warmth as soon as you enter the front doors. Everyone is friendly and enthusiastic and most importantly, I find the teachers truly care for the children. My son spent 3 years at Arts Kidz and I have seen him grow into a more confident and happy boy. He had no problem transitioning into the local primary school curriculum. I was initially worried because of the rigorous school education system in Singapore, but my fears were unfounded as he coped pretty well both socially and academically without the need for me to put him through further tuition. He volunteered to speak on the outdoor school stage during the school's Fairy Tale Day during Primary 1, dressing up as Peter Pan and talking about the character to a big audience, to his teacher's surprise (as well as mine) because he has always been a gentle and quiet boy. I believe Arts Kidz has done an excellent job in building up his confidence, love for learning, curiosity and social-communication skills through their play-based activities, a well-rounded curriculum and competent teachers. My little girl is now in N2 and she loves going to school every day. She comes home singing nursery songs and talking about her friends in school. As a parent, I am grateful for the holistic program and the positive learning experience that Arts Kidz has provided for my children.”

Hai Shen,

“My younger son joined Artz Kids’ Nursery 1 programme in early 2013.  Being a very active child we had much difficulty getting him to sit down and focus for any period of time. In the year he has been there, we have seen much progress in his mental and emotional development. We really appreciate the teachers’ efforts in observing and understanding our child’s character and needs, and that they constantly modified their teaching methods to help him integrate in the lessons and manage his behaviour. Our decision to enrol him there was strongly influenced by the positive experience from having enrolled our eldest son there 5 years ago. We loved the international environment, the well trained and creative expat teachers (many of them are still there today) and the multi-disciplinary approach with a strong focus on art, music and languages. My eldest son truly enjoyed his time at Arts Kidz and till today speaks very good accented English which he picked up from his Scottish teacher then. He is now in Primary 3 and is coping extremely well with the rigors of local school academics. Till today he has a strong interest in Art and loves to draw whenever he has the time. I highly recommend Arts Kidz to any parents looking for a warm, creative, enriching environment for their pre- school child.”

Li Lien Ching (Singapore)

“Arts kidz - my ultimate choice & I registered DD for 3Xs a week, half day session. Visited the sch & quite like the concept where violin class, yoga & speech & drama are inclusive. Happened to be lunch time when I visited the sch & the playgroup are feeding themselves. The teacher said ur child do not necessarily eat like a genius but they will help out with the feeding. I saw a teacher sterilizing the milk bottles with hot water & was happy bcoz I don't think other schools would bother to do so before making milk. I chance upon a jap teacher changing diapers for 3 girls in the toilet & she was happily singing rhymes to them & the children queued up neatly for their turn. During the change, one girl suddenly cried & the teacher asked her why but she refused to say & without a doubt, the jap teacher hugged her & soothe her down. Eventually the girl broke into laughter & giggles. I'm certainly touched to see the heart warming behavior of the jap teacher, shows how dedicated they are. Also the push factor to join this sch is bcoz my girl is super active & loves music & dance. I think the non-traditional coaching way will suit her better.”

Kiasu Parents Blogpost – 6/8/14